About Kishori Raman Post Graduate College (K. R. P. G.), Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Institution which was established in 1892 as a small pathshala, has emerged today as a glorified Institute of District Mathura. It is the only Educational Institution that runs after the name of Thakur Shri Kishori Raman Ji Maharaj, which is foundational in the name of a sacred temple and has grown into six different Educational Institutes to aim at the intellectual and cultural in the society. The college is situated in the peaceful surrounding near Mathura city. The K. R. P. G. College comes under Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University (originally known as Agra University) was laid on the 1st of July 1927. Educationists like Rev. Canon A.W. Davis, Munshi Narain Prasad Asthana, Dr. L.P. Mathur, Lala Dewan Chand are been part of esteemed universities. The ancient principle of integrating ethical and moral values in education has been the endeavor of the University.

About Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department is one of the oldest departments in the University with the tradition of high-quality Research and Teaching Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. It was given a status of a Department in 1947 & Chemistry course was introduced in the Department at UG level in 1947 & PG level in 1960. The Department of Chemistry is well known for excellence in Teaching and Research. The faculty members of the Department are engaged in the Research as well as guiding the Ph.D. students. The Chemistry Laboratory has all the necessary equipment for the preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples. It comprises instruments, chemical materials, and theories that are based on experimental observation.

About Global Conference Hub

Founded in 2019 in India, Global Conference Hub (Unit of RSP Science Hub) organizes conferences in association with the Universities,  Institutes and also publishes papers through an open access International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub (IRJASH) Journal (e- ISSN 2582-4376) which enables Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, UG/PG students, Research Scholars and Industry experts around the world to improve the status of existing R&D operations in every aspect and get phenomenal growth in the latest developments in the technology. The headquarter of RSP Science Hub is located in Coimbatore, India. RSP Team has successfully organized 19 e-International Conferences. The Conference Hub’s goal is to expand and incorporate the knowledge base, innovation, spread awareness of the extraordinary research work and improvise respective participants career prospects.

About ICCSEMT – 2021 Conference

The innovative research can significantly create an impact on Academia, the Economy, and Society by contributing to capacity building through technical and personal skill development. The prime objective of the  “First International Conference on emerging trends on Commerce, Science, Engineering, Management and Technology” (ICCSEMT) is to bring together Scientists, Academicians, Research scholars from worldwide and inspire, recognize and support research in the field of Commerce, Science, Engineering and Management and Technology & provide them an opportunity to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, research results and discuss the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the above said interdisciplinary areas by supporting a range of research activities and publication, by stimulating curiosity, to inspire and develop future generations of research scholars and to encourage appreciation of the Social, Economic and Cultural value of these interdisciplinary areas of study. The main objective of the International Conference is to update the recent development of knowledge and practices in basic sciences and promote multidisciplinary research as a tool to overcome challenges in the coming decade and beyond.